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Loving a Strong Minded Women 

Recently my boyfriend and I started house hunting. No let me rephrase that… I woke up one day and decided that I wanted to move. My boyfriend as usual just agreed whilst probably secretly not expecting me to do much about it. Fast forward one week and I have found what I am now labelling our perfect house. It ticked all the boxes.

My poor unsuspecting boyfriend found himself 10 days after my initial announcement signing up for a 25 year mortgage with me. But he knew it was coming… almost 3 years in and talk of babies its naturally the next step. But it coming that fast he did not see… but to be fair we’ve been saving the deposit for a few years (whilst naughty me dipped in it for several holidays!) and little known to him I looked at rightmove as much as Facebook. This is the house for us!

But it got me thinking about how strong-minded I am and when I decide something it’s happening. Ste (my boyfriend) is somewhat used to me now but I still think I manage to floor him occasionally! I am lucky in the sense he’s very laid back and trusts my judgement on most things. I thought it would make for a good blog post to look at what to expect when falling for a strong-minded women…

She is a relentless dream pursuer

Strong minded women are relentless is pursuing their dreams. Nothing is out of reach for a women like this. She whole heartedly believes if she wants to achieve something or desires something nothing will stand in her way. Why? This is because she’s proved this to herself time and time again. A wise man will not dismiss her latest crazy idea she expresses to him. He will support her. As once she decides something it’s happening!

She makes her man feel needed

A strong-minded women doesn’t need a man but she knows a man needs to feel needed. She will fulfill his needs by asking for just enough to make to make him feel important and dependable on. But she’s got this…

She is a seed planter

They have a usual knack for making you think something was your idea – strong-minded women know this is the key to getting what you want. Don’t ask how they do it… they just do! It’s a skill! Leaving her man telling his friends & family about his latest holiday plan or decorating like he’s had all the ideas… when really a strong-minded women has planted the seed.

She is a planner

You will need to be held accountable. You say you will stay in and have a movie night, this is as important to her as if you have booked a 5* restaurant. Strong minded women are planners and plans need to be kept… don’t let her down.

She will speak her mind

She will speak her mind. If she’s not happy about something you will know about it! But equally if you are not she will see your point of view & try to understand. She doesn’t like conflict, she likes talking things through.

She has zest for life

A strong-minded women has a zest for life. An unshakeable vision for her future, a dream, vision, goals. You will need to be ready to support these but equally she will support yours. She will be like your own personal cheerleader. Her zest for life should also be infectious and fire you up!

She has an endless bucket list

She’s all about doing things, experiences, adventures and making the most of life. Get ready for a fast paced ride! Her bucket list is so long and ambitious it makes your eyes water! But she believes it’s doable and more so with you by her side.

She is never bored

Boredom is not a concept she can grasp. She is never bored and you will not have time to be bored dating her – trust me!

She will provide for herself

She wants for the nice things in life but she is happy to provide them for herself. That said she does love being surprised and spoiled like any women. But she doesn’t expect you to keep her. She’s happy to have you by her side to build a lovely home and future together.

To conclude…

For all her strong-minded ways she wants to feel loved, protected & appreciated by her man. In a lot of ways he is her rock even though she may not always show it he further empowers her by being by her side.

Loving a strong-minded women can be draining at times, its life in the fast lane, but it’s worth it. This type of women does everything whole heartedly and that includes loving you.



Hey guys, I am Rachael - Welcome to my blog thepretendgrownup... cos let's face it were all just pretending aren't we?! Does anyone actually know what their doing or are you all just winging it like me?! I am very busy self employed mum to one. So I thought hmmm what can I do to make my life even more chaotic?... I know... start a blog! ha ha! So here I am... I will blog about all aspects of my life. My crazy funny son (who has ADHD). My dance academy where I teach street dance. I love photography, crafts, holidays, animals and anything Disney! As I'm on the verge of buying a house that needs renovating so I'm sure that will inspire many posts too. I'm not sure where this blogging journey will take me but I'm sure it will be fun and I will enjoy sharing my life. I hope you enjoy reading it! Rachael x

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