Hey guys, I am Rachael – Welcome to my blog thepretendgrownup.

I am very busy mithered self employed mum to one (Hell, I’ve not braved that again yet and he is 8!) So I thought hmmm what can I do to make my life even more chaotic?… I know… start a blog! ha ha! So here I am… I will blog about all aspects of my life…

My crazy funny son (who has ADHD). My job – I have my own dance school teaching street dance. The art of trying to juggle it all, cos it is an art I’m yet to master. I like crafts (not that I have much time for this – maybe this blog will inspire me to make time?!) I have always loved photography and have recently been on a course and bought a DSLR (watch this space!) I live to leave the country – not permanently (yet) but holidays are pretty much the only time I properly relax and its nice to escape my chaotic life sometimes. I am a typical girly girl in many ways but I have a dare devil streak, I will pretty much try anything (ok except walking through any terror experience with live actors in the dark!).

I’m not sure where this blogging journey will take me but I’m sure it will be fun and I will enjoy sharing my life. I hope you enjoy reading it! Rachael x